OPC UA Web Client Quick Start Guide

Version 0.6.0 Preview

The OPC UA Web Client Demo Installation is accessible only for users registered at uaclient.com
There are two ways to register and login: using social network accounts (currently LinkedIn, Google or Facebook), and by using an account created at uaclient.com.

In order to login using LinkedIn, Google or Facebook account, click on corresponding buttons and follow instructions given at opened popup dialog window.

In order to create account at uaclient.com, click Register link on Login Window and fill the form.
After creating of the user account and confirming e-mail address used at registation, you can login to the OPC UA Web Client using user name and password and start using it.
Note that even though our e-mail sending agent is configured to prevent marking of the confirmation e-mail as spam by e-mail recepients, some e-mail servers still can recognize it as a spam. If you do not receive registration confirmation e-mail within a few minutes, please check your spam inbox, or contact us.

If you have an account created at uaclient.com, but now want to use LinkedIn, Google or Facebook account to login, you can do that if email address at your social network account matches with the one you used in your account at uaclient.com.
If all your social network accounts have the same e-mail address, then you can login with any of social network accounts and all of them will be mapped to single user account at uaclient.com.
If they have different email addresses, then they will be mapped to different uaclient.com accounts, as a result you will have multiple configuration settings depending on network account type you used to login.

The GUI consists of the following panels:

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